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Beach Signs for Home Decor That Says, “Relax”

August 31st, 2012

Picture of a Wooden Beach SignUnless your name is Richard Milhous Nixon, it’s hard to imagine not being able to relax at the beach; it’s the one place on Earth universally associated with leisure, and a most desired vacation location. If you haven’t recently been, the land-lubbing crew at Handcrafted Nautical Decor highly recommend you go.

Of course, we all know that’s easier said than done; most of us don’t live near a beach and rarely have the opportunity to visit. We suggest doing the next best thing: bringing the beach to you! That’s what Handcrafted Nautical Decor is all about. We provide the decor which transforms an otherwise drab and boring space into the whimsical yet relaxing ambience of the sea. And it all starts with beach signs – the first sign you’re on your way to that spirited feeling of fun in the sun.

Handcrafted Nautical Decor’s got many beach signs for your decorating pleasure: from brass to many different colors of wood. Both fit wonderfully in home or office, sending the message that there’re no doldrums beyond this point! We’ve got wall-hanging signs, and those for any desk, table or flat surface. When revamping your den, consider tacking on a “Paradise Found” where you go to relax, unwind, and find yourself. Of course, there’s always the traditional mindset: “Life’s a Beach”. (And then you dive – right back on in for other goodies on Handcrafted Nautical Decor!)

Got your sign picked out? Great. Of course, to complete the picture, we’ll need some of the usual trappings for anyone sailing the sometimes rocky sea of life, looking to introduce a safe harbor from its many storms. Not one to be fooled by a simple sign (oh, no – this is not just a room protesting a bit much that it’s really a beach – you’re too smart for that) you need some flora and fauna to add fun; so it’s not just a room, but a site of the fantastic! Bring in some colorful metal fish, a bit of netting, some floats, and anything else your heart desires.

No, you’ve not lost it. That’s the sound of the ocean, beckoning from the swirling depths of your imagination. Hear it? Yeah. Now just kick back, relax, and enjoy.

People don’t realize the value decor has in our everyday lives, and the long-term effects on one’s psychological disposition. Happier people have more fun, relax, and enjoy themselves. Proven fact. And Handcrafted Nautical Decor wants to remind you, that you’re the captain of your ship, and you can bring it all into port. Best way to start is to create the best environment for making all those dreams a reality – right now.

Or, like many of us, you just can’t relax. You hear no ocean, no gulls, you feel no sea breeze across your face, taste the salt in the air. (Remember, neither did Nixon. I’m just sayin’.) But even you, Mr or Miss Type “A”, try being grouchy, pessimistic, and go-go-go as you tackle the day’s detriments from a desk adjacent from a sign reading “Beach House”. It’s important that we’re reminded of the important moments life has to offer – our friends, our family, the generation to follow us, and all that came before. We’re just one of a pretty darn big school of fish. Shouldn’t we remember that, at its heart, life can be a beach – if we take the time to hear the song of the sea?

Picture of a Wooden Beach SignSpeaking of the busier set, you know you’ve always wanted a yacht. Creative visualization is one of the most proven tactics to realizing big ambitions. You start small, with your own imagination – and a swanky model yacht like the famous America’s Cup Enterprise, Endeavor or the newest addition – the Oracle. (Outlook: Wonderful.)

Don’t know about the America’s Cup? It’s only the competition for the uber-rich and successful to race the most extravagantly expensive craft to ever grace the surface of the sea. But, like JP Morgan once quipped, “if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it.” Not yet at least. Best start with a Handcrafted Model Ship – until the one we’ve all been waiting for comes in.

Remember: life’s a beach. Tell your friends. (And don’t be like Mr Nixon. It’s hell to get sand out of such expensive dress shoes.)

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Porthole Mirrors at Home or in the Workplace

August 21st, 2012

NT HX058 1 Porthole Mirrors at Home or in the WorkplaceMirror, Mirror on the wall … do I have egg on my face?

Face it – mirrors are like watches: both functional and decorative. When it comes to home decorating, their primary function tends to be accenting the room’s decor rather than serving as a place to ask of your reflection.

Enter our newest line of 20” and 24” porthole mirrors – an absolute must-have in nautical theme decor. After all, what room on a ship doesn’t have a porthole? Add in a captain’s cabinet, hanging globe, school of colorful fish, and, presto-magico … a ho-hum guest room is now transformed into a portal to maritime adventure. But the truly great thing about these mirrors is how they can be placed in stairwells or industrial workplaces featuring a lot of metal, and very little decor. Visualize it for a second; your average, customary, workplace stairway. When was the last time someone told you: “My goodness! Have you seen that stairway? It’s amazing!” My guess is ‘never’.

Such areas, like stairwells and office hallways, are mentally filed away as the transition areas which people pass through without much thought to get to where they’re going. Adding a brass porthole to such a traditional stop-over is both functional and fashionable. In fact, the frequency of mirrors in a workplace is far lower than that of a residential space; the chances that remnant from your last meal is still hanging out and greeting passersby is far higher. But, really – who doesn’t want to hit the big meeting with egg on their face? (Uh … you.)

NT HX040 1 Porthole Mirrors at Home or in the Workplace So, for the office with a hint of the high-seas, a porthole mirror gives you that much-needed reflection inspection before getting down to business. Both ladies and gentlemen – thus improving the overall look of your workforce.

The style benefits of such an addition can’t be overstated. You know the backdrop: spartan decor, that wonderful washed-out look afforded by fluorescent lighting completing the overall sterile scenery. Just a single porthole window in the stairwell transports the whole operation to a more fanciful – but still fastidious – office space.

Let’s visualize again. What’s the general look of an industrial ship? Drab and undecorated. Simple, streamlined … a lot like your workplace. Something both fun and functional like porthole mirrors will transform your accounting firm into the Andrea Gail, desperately fighting her way to port with her latest deadliest catch despite the growing storm. Adventure, urgency, and even a touch of reinforcing the chain-of-command, present in both naval ships and today’s corporate climate.

Just like the brave crew of a formidable sea-faring vessel, we’re reminded of the value of teamwork – all in it together, sink or swim. Now’s not the time for half-hour coffee breaks and discussing the career chances of American Idol rejects. There’s a storm coming. All hands on deck!

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