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How to Make Nautical Decor as an Arts and Crafts Project

October 25th, 2012

Trips to the beach are great family experiences that bring the entire family together in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

In a modern world where everyone is constantly distracted by a barrage of emails, texts and Facebook updates, the beach represents an opportunity to unplug from the modern world and get back to nature, even for just an afternoon. Traditionally, children spend beach time building sand castles and playing in the surf, and will often end up collecting interesting sea shells they find during play. This is an origin of a rather time honored question: what to do with the fruits of your little beachcombers’ labor? Look no further, as Handcrafted Nautical Decor’s got the answer.

The first, and perhaps most obvious, final destination for these treasures of the deep is jewelry. While shells must be professionally drilled, (they’re rather fragile) it’s a fairly easy venture, and many types – such as clamshells – actually have holes naturally, making them the first choice for stringing and making necklaces. Elastic is most preferred these days over traditional string and cord, and a simple purchase made at any craft store. While bracelets and necklaces are the most apparent selection for jewelry creation, earrings are just as easy; all that’s required are the proper findings – usually jump-rings, posts, and detachable hoops – ranging from sterling silver, to silver-plated and gold-plated. Solid gold is available, but understandably pricier. Sterling silver remains among the most popular.

Most shells require a small buffer to keep the pieces from clanking together, and this is a simple fix via seed beads: which are very small glass beads with tiny holes and come in a wide variety of colors, including shades of silver and gold, and many neutrals. Spacer bars are a step-up from the much more economical seed beads, and considerably more ornate, but provide greater detail to the overall piece.

And, whatever your styling, you’ll need some crimps and terminators – though, don’t worry; these guys will just terminate the ends of the elastic or cord, rather than mercilessly hunt you down. Like the other findings, (which is really just a fancy name for accessories needed to create jewelry) they’re readily available in anything from stainless steel to sterling and gold-plated.

A hot new number is a sand dollar choker; talk about your bling, but these dollars make sense. First, the sand dollars require a thin coat of a heavy preservative, like a shellac. Then they’re simply threaded through the top and bottom holes to where they’ll lie flat against the mid-neck. And, as usual, finished off with crimps and terminators. Seed beads or spacer-bars are again desirable for this design, as well as rondelle and flat ornamental pieces to accent the shells.

If jewelry’s not your thing, there are other ways, of course – such as bedecking your home. Starfish, for example, are beautifully mounted against a plain background and placed in an artbox or hung display case. There are many colors and styles to choose from as well as fabrics and textures. Or, for an even simpler one-two combination, dried driftwood with mounted starfish, barnacles, and even seahorses might be up your alley.

Whatever your pleasure, all that’s required are a few trips to the craft store or frame shop, and a bit of assembly time. Am I missing something? … Oh! The beach!

Happy hunting!

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New Line of Handcrafted Beach Decor Launched

October 9th, 2012

Cancel Christmas! Actually, no. Don’t do that. But cancel your Christmas shopping plans!
A new line of Handcrafted Beach Decor just got launched. In fact, it’s even got its own website: As Tom Cruise said while accepting Scientology’s Medal of Valor, “You better know… and if you don’t, go and learn it! But don’t pretend to know it.”

Indeed, Mr. Cruise, we’d all better go and learn this new line of beach decor products, for this line of decor has hundreds of different products and new ones are being added everyday. So let us take Tom’s advice and actually “learn it!” by looking at just a few of the wonderful beach decor items available.

Well first off, unless you actually live at a beach, you need to give your guests some inkling that you had a strategy in choosing your decor, so that they understand that the beach chairs in your game room aren’t there simply because you got a good deal on them. Which you will, by the way, but they don’t need to know that! Therefore, to clue your guests in that your placement of beach decor in a given room was intentional, why not place a beach related sign or two? You know: “Life’s a beach”; “Paradise Found”; “Relax.” Any of those signs will clue your guests in that, despite the fact you live in Duluth, Minnesota, your guests have arrived at your very own beach house.

Artwork also goes a long way towards creating a scene. How about “Shore Birds on a Wooden Piling” or a beautiful school of metallic fish? Placing the scenery that one would expect to find at at a beach helps complete the picture that the sign and the decor will evoke. Speaking of decor, let’s take a look at some.

Mounting a <a href=""life ring on the wall is not only a great compliment to a beach themed room, it also comes in surprisingly helpful if you house gets unexpectedly flooded and you never got around to taking swimming lessons. Glass nautical floats not only compliment your theme, but are simply beautiful pieces of glass art in and of themselves. For that matter, a triple glass float is even better and a better value. But maybe you’ve got a different scheme going for your room, well Handcrafted Beach Decor has all kinds of floats, bouys, nets, and nautical props to deck your walls with boughs of beach folly. Fa la la la la.

And don’t stop at decking out the walls, let’s put some furniture in this bad boy. How about we start with a bookcase that’s rather unique to the handcrafted line, for this one is made out of a boat. You’ll be the only person on your block with a bookcase that also doubles as a lifeboat in case of emergency! But that’s not all, Handcrafted Beach Decor has all kinds of kinds of furniture to choose from: bookcases, cabinets, chairs, chests, display cases. They’ve got enough stuff to transform your TV room into the set from “Lost” and more items are being added every day.

So bookmark and starting picking out your favorite items. Chances are, they’ll be a sale coming along soon. That’s right folks, a winter sale on beach decor so you have it right when you need it… at Christmas.

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