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Bosun Boatswain

July 28th, 2010
Bosun Boatswain Whistle Nautical Keychain

Bosun Boatswain Whistle Nautical Keychain

Handcraftedmodelships.com offers the best in the way of authentic and quality nautical decor products and model ships. Here you will be able to find many authentic replicas in the form of model ships and nautical decor. The history behind our items is the driving force to create such authentic and quality replicas. Knowing the amount of hard work and dedication that went into model ships and nautical decor in the past, we see our products as a tribute to the quality nautical products of the ages. To this end, our professional artisans work long hours to create a product that you are satisfied with. In addition to crafting quality models, customers with even the most frugal budgets are welcome to Handcrafted Model Ships, where you will find nautical decor items such as bosun boatswain whistles for lower than retail.


The bosun boatswain whistle is a nautical key chain that is very important in the long line of nautical tradition. The bosun boatswain is one of the oldest nautical innovations, recorded first in use by Greek and Roman slave drivers. Using the bosun boatswain whistle, Greek and Roman slave drivers would keep their slaves aboard ship in sync while they paddled. Also, the bosun whistle was used during the Crusades as a call to arms for crossbowmen. In the modern era, the boatswain whistle is symbolic of nautical tradition, and as such is granted to officers in the British and American navies.


The bosun boatswain whistle is also known as a boatswain pipe. To this day, Captains still use the shrill sound of the bosun whistle to form their crews. The bosun whistle is important for its traditional importance. The term Boatswain comes from the English language, dating back to 1450. Boatswain is derived from batswegan, an Old English term meaning “young man” or “servant”. The term bosun has been identified since 1868. A bosun is an unlicensed crew member aboard a merchant ship. The boatswain is a supervisor of the rest of the unlicensed members, and has duties involving crewing.

Authentic Replicas

Handcrafted Model Ships produces bosun boatswain whistles as authentic representations of the traditional nautical instrument. Each of the bosun boatswain whistles made by Handcrafted Model Ships is completely functional. Blowing into the whistle produces a very shrill like sound that is definitely noticeable as a call to attention.


Handcrafted Model Ships makes authenticity and quality its goal, setting it as the most reliable retailer on the internet. Each nautical decor item is made from the finest materials, such as Shisham (a rare high quality wood similar in texture to teak), solid polished brass, and even mirror-like chrome finishes. All of our items are meticulously worked on by professional handicraftsmen. Handcrafted Model Ships is happy to be able to sell you quality products for well below the retail average. If you are looking for nautical decor products such as the instruments of the bosun and boatswain, then you have come to the right place!

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