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Bosun Whistle

July 30th, 2010
Boatswain / Bosun Whistle with Box

Boatswain / Bosun Whistle with Box

Handcraftedmodelships.com offers the best in nautical decor items and model ships. Here you will be able to get your hands on authentic versions of many nautical decor items, such as bottled ships, ship wheels, ship bells, and bosun whistles. The history behind our items is the driving force to create such authentic and quality replicas. We at Handcrafted Model Ships are only proud of our designs and handy work when you, the customer, leave positive feedback on our products. For this reason, we employ top of the line artisans to skillfully fine tune and replicate our models and nautical decor. Customers of any budget are welcome to Handcrafted Model Ships, because we make it our priority to sell quality models at affordable prices. You will be delighted in our large selection of historically significant replicas, such as the bosun whistle key chain!


The history behind many of our nautical decor items, such as the bosun whistle, is especially significant. The bosun whistle is among the oldest nautical inventions, and was first recorded to be used by the Greeks and Romans as a sort of metronome aboard ship for the timing of their slaves strokes. It was also used during the Crusades to form the crossbowmen into an attack formation. Most recently, the use of the bosun whistle became symbolic for officers in the British and American navies to carry with them.


The importance of the bosun whistle today is very traditional. The bosun whistle is also known as a boatswain pipe, and in the modern age, Captains still utilize the shrill sound of the bosun whistle to call attention on deck. The bosun whistle is important for its significance in the past as a musical instrument of the open seas.

Authentic Replicas

Handcrafted Model Ships manufactures bosun whistles to be authentic replicas of the nautical significant instrument. While more than just a replica, the bosun whistles made by Handcrafted Model Ships are fully functional. When you blow into the whistle, you will be able to produce the same shrill sound you would expect out of a real boatswain pipe.


The authenticity and quality of our products is what sets us apart from other model ship and nautical decor retailers. At Handcrafted Model Ships, you will notice that each item is carefully constructed from hand, and worked on diligently to produce the kind of quality products that arrive at your doorstep. While we pride ourselves on our authenticity and quality, we make sure to keep our products below the standard retail price that you would expect. Our products are made from real, solid and polished brass. You can rest at ease knowing that your brass bosun whistle will not tarnish, and will remain fingerprint free. All of our products at Handcrafted Model Ships is kept up to the same standard, as we know that you would expect no less from your model ship retailer.

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