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Brass Nautical Keychains Vs. Plastic Keychains

November 1st, 2010

Brass Telescope Key Chain

When it comes to nautical key chains there are two main types – brass (metal) and plastic. The quality of your nautical key chain will rely on its composition. Plastic is quickly surpassing metal as the main element in creating many items, including key chains. But does that necessarily make it the better choice? In order to find this out, we will have to discover the main strengths and weaknesses of both.

Metal key chains are manufactured as brass key chains mainly. Key chains made from brass are very strong, and tend to last longer than plastic key chains. This is because metal is a more resilient element that can weather through the toughest of conditions. However, key chains made from metal are susceptible to rust and other long term effects. The key to maintaining a brass metal key chain is to make sure that you polish it when necessary. To this end, using a brass polisher will do. This can be very messy, and the smell of which is not pleasant. Though, cleaning your key chain with the appropriate polish will ensure a more brilliant shine time and time again. If you do not polish your key chain then the rust that builds up can cause extreme wear that will either tarnish your nautical key chain or possible break it.

Plastic is used to replace metal in a variety of different manufacturing areas. For instance, cars are now being made with plastic for their body trims and other areas due to plastics low cost and maneuverability. Plastic does not need to be as rigorously up kept as metal either. This means that your plastic key chain will be extremely low maintenance. However, while this is true, plastic is not nearly as strong as metal. It is much more likely that you will accidentally bend your key chain, or even completely break it with a minor moment of neglect. Also, plastic key chains just do not have the same brilliance exuded by key chains made from metal. There is no shine to a plastic key chain, making them come across as more of a toy than a nautical item meant to be taken seriously.

Both metal and plastic have their advantages and disadvantages. However, in spite of the maintenance needed to keep your key chain in prime condition, it is metal that creates the most authentic and luxurious key chains. While plastic key chains do not live up to the same standard that metal brass key chains do. There are several different types of key chains, and really it will come down to what you are looking for in a key chain when deciding brass metal or plastic. Metal is certainly the way to go for those that want a beautiful shine and more authentic key chain to hold their car and house keys, among other valuable items. Plastic key chains are more for children, and are not meant to have the same quality as metal.

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