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History Of Diving Helmets

October 29th, 2010

Copper Divers Helmet

The diving helmet which is worn by professional divers is incredibly adaptable for use in extreme circumstances. The diver’s helmet completely secures the head of the diver and allows for extensive voice communication with the operation team above water, and even with other divers. If anything were to occur to the diver when below water, such as being knocked unconscious, then the diving helmet will continue to pump air to the diver until he reawakens. This is very different from standard scuba gear which has to be knowingly held in the mouth. So if a scuba diver becomes unconscious, he or she will most likely drown due to the oxygen connection being cut off.

In the beginning, deep sea diving helmets were available with two to four bolts. The Kirby Morgan Superlite-17 designed in 1975 is a very noteworthy commercial diving helmet that is built with a fiberglass shell and chrome-plated brass fittings.These became the standard for modern commercial diving operations. The diving helmet can be attributed to Augustus Siebe, who is considered to be the father of diving. Siebe was a German born inventor from the 19th century who when living in England created a diving helmet. His version of the helmet had a watertight seal and an air-containing rubber suit. This was connected via an air pump on land and became the first useful application of the diving helmet and suit. The modern day diving suits used today are more reflective of the closed diving suit that Siebe Gorman & Co developed. Unlike earlier diving helmets, Siebe’s was sealed to the diving suit making it perfectly air tight. An enormous feat indeed. This proved to be a safer way for undersea exploration and helped to revolutionize the 1830s way of undersea exploration. Though, Alexander McKee stated that Siebe was merely the leading manufacturer of the designs made by brothers John and Charles Deane.

In the 1960′s, the commercial diver Joe Savoie invented the neck dam that made it possible for a new series of lighter weighted helmets to come about. Such types of lightweight helmets include the Superlight series. However, because he only wanted to improve the safety of divers, Savoie did not pursue a patent for his innovations.

The next step in the evolution of the diving helmet is the full face diving mask. This covered the entire face of the diver, and was held in place by way of adjustable straps. Indeed, the diving helmet came a long way since its invention to become the amazing piece of nautical equipment it is now.

The use of the diving helmet is not restricted to undersea adventures, however. Due to the air tight nature of the diving helmet, diving helmets were even used during the first world war to protect the British Army from the horrors of the notorious mustard gas that took the lives of many.

Now these classic copper diving helmet designs are used to adorn public museums and private nautical artifact collections around the world.

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Types Of Diver Helmets

September 27th, 2010

Diver Helmet With Antique Finish

The diver’s helmet is a profound invention that shaped the way that we travel the ocean bottom. It was an exceptional invention that changed the face of the world, or the feet of the world if you like a more correct personification. It is no wonder that the diver’s helmet stands as a major symbol in the nautical world by many. In fact, nautical collectors can find many different types of diver’s helmets that they can use to liven up their nautical collections. Ranging from desk top items such as pen holders to exquisite helmets made from brass, copper and even chrome. The diver’s helmet makes for a very distinguished nautical item that should not be overlooked.

The brass diver’s helmet pen holder is composed of solid brass. It is a strong, quality brass structure that will hold your pens in style. The elegance of the brass diver’s helmet pen holder is complimented by the featuring of a working quartz clock. It is made to be a replica of an actual diver’s helmet, but in smaller scale. The pen holder features a solid brass finish as well, sitting atop a fine hardwood base. The hardwood is quality made and is polished to a great extent. Furthermore, green felt lines the pen holder’s bottom, giving the brass diver’s helmet pen holder a secure way to sit atop any surface.

Another type of diver’s helmet for nautical collectors is the solid iron diver’s helmet clock. This item is a brilliant piece of nautical decor that, like the pen holder, features a fully functioning quartz clock. True to life, this mock diver’s helmet is made to be a miniature of the real deal. It looks and feels just like a diver’s helmet should. The iron diver’s helmet rests on a solid, polished wood base. Nothing less could be expected of such a great diver’s helmet replica. Green felt also adorns its bottom to make sure it adheres to tough surfaces while taking minimal damage.

Perhaps one of the most sought after nautical replicas of a diver’s helmet is the Mark V Copper Helmet. This type of diver’s gear boasts 18 inches tall, making it look just like the real deal. Complete with iron and brass detailing to add to the genuine appearance. This particular nautical item is a miniature replica of an original U.S. Navy Mark V diver’s helmet. The solid and deeply polished brass fits in perfectly with the quality of this authentic replica.

The chrome diver’s helmet is a variation of the brass Mark V mentioned above. It’s chrome look is deeply satisfying and very showy, making it perfect to add to your nautical collection. This particular diver’s helmet stands at 17 inches tall, a bit shorter than the last, but it matches every last bit of quality. These authentic reiterations of the revolutionary diver’s helmet can be purchased for $499.

These are just a few of the many types of diver’s helmets that you can find, there are many more and you will be pleased with your search!

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