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Bride magazine says – Sailboats as Centerpieces – Make your Wedding a Nautical Wonder!

October 6th, 2011

toy sailboat decoration model32 Bride magazine says   Sailboats as Centerpieces   Make your Wedding a Nautical Wonder!Featured in the September 2011 issue of Bride magazine, Handcrafted Nautical Décor is proud to announce that our Pacific Sailer 17” has been selected as an excellent centerpiece in the publication’s  Ultimate Guide to Table Stationary. In production since 1934, Bride has been a fabulous resource for brides-to-be for almost 80 years; a fount of knowledge, styles, and themes for everything from dresses to cakes and honeymoons! As a premier source of bride and wedding decorations and themes, being chosen by Bride magazine is a great honor for Handcrafted Nautical Décor, and we are always thrilled when people enjoy our products.

With classic navy blue or brilliant white sails, these delightful sailboats make fabulous centerpieces at wedding receptions, especially with charming numbers to attach to the sails, making organization a breeze on that special day. With nautical décor returning to the forefront of modern chic, harkening back particularly to the golden age of leisure sailing in America, turn your wedding into a beautiful celebration of life, love, and the sea! We couldn’t agree more with Bride that our sailboats make gorgeous centerpieces at any wedding. With their classic style, sleek and elegant handcraftsmanship, and handsome, or cute, look (depending on which you prefer) these little sailboats truly set off a table’s décor, creating a wonderfully warm focal point around which to gather with friends and loved ones to celebrate in good cheer.

Our love of sailing, the sea, and everything nautical has transformed from building custom model ships for serious collectors to creating these adorable model ships that are truly for everyone. While Bride has shown that these little sailboats make perfect centerpieces for weddings, they are also perfect for décor around the house any time of year, bringing the warmth and joy of the ocean home to you. Check out Bride magazine and their Ultimate Guide section for great tips for your wedding day, and for all your nautical needs visit Handcrafted Nautical Décor and let us share our passion for sailing with you!

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Exclusively Featuring Hampton Nautical Solid Brass Items

July 27th, 2010
Nautical Decor - Brass Binoculars

Nautical Decor - Brass Binoculars

Seasons change, fads come and go but lifestyles almost never change, this is why the nautical décor design elements continue to be a dominate force in home design. Whether your goal is to outfit a summer beach cottage with pieces that make it fit in a little better with your neighbors or bringing some of that coastal flair into your landlocked home, nautical décor has a long lasting, ageless design.

One of the most common places to apply the nautical décor theme is the bathroom, where it almost seems a natural fit with the water and bring light beaming in through the windows in the morning as you prepare your day. Common design elements for bathrooms include:

  • Lighthouse inspired soap dispensers
  • Sailboat inspired toothbrush holders
  • Tissue box covers with hand painted lighthouses, sailing ships or beach scenes
  • Hand crafted soap dishes with inlaid nautical stars
  • Picture frames with lighthouses, boats and the ocean to hold family memories
  • Shower curtains
  • Wallpaper
  • Towel sets with embroidered nautical stars

What’s even more exciting is that entire nautical theme sets are available for the most popular beaches in the US and abroad!

Adding Nautical Décor in small doses to the rest of your home

If decorating an entire room is overboard for you, more subtle touches are available for the rest of your home that will bring that ocean feeling to you all year round. Take for example a hand painted lamp with a fishing village on it, set atop a table in a hallway, evoking memories of a trip abroad every time you pass it. Or a set of nautical inspired coat hooks when you enter your home.

Possibly one of the most indistinguishable pieces associated with nautical décor is the ship’s wooden wheel used to steer it along course. These iconic pieces can be hung as pieces of art or have legs attached to them with a piece of glass set atop to be used as a coffee or end table. Oars, the life of a row boat are also wonderful pieces that can be hung on the wall as pure decoration while others have been turned into functioning parts of the home, such as coat racks.

Turn any couch into one reminiscent of a lavish estate room aboard a luxury yacht by throwing a Nantucket quilt over the back of it. The iconic blue and white stripes match any existing décor and are instantly recognizable and associated with that wonderful New England fishing community, drawing just the right amount of nautical décor into your home.

These are just a few of the many ideas on how to bring a more nautical décor into your home, barely scratching the surface. Items such as starfish, coral, seashells, and fish are themed and available in a wide array of art, lamps, dinnerware, glasses, throw rugs, and countless other items for your home or your home away from home. The demand for these pieces is continually on the rise as more people fall in love with the iconic nautical décor and work towards incorporating it into their own homes, resulting in more options than ever before to choose from.

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