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Decorating a Boy’s Room with Nautical Decor

Oh, the imagination of a child; how effortlessly they travel beyond the galaxy, and to the great fathoms below – all without leaving the comfort of their bedroom. What girl hasn’t wondered how her life would be different if she were a mermaid? And what boy hasn’t fancied himself a notorious pirate or classic naval hero? The sea has always held a wonderful fascination for kids – and adults, too. Just as soon as junior sees dad’s den bedecked with maritime regalia, he’s going to want the same – but suited to his wild, unbridled creativity.

A Brass diver's helmet clock
And, once again, Handcrafted Nautical Decor has everything you’ll need to get your young armchair sailor started. (Only thing we recommend is nothing too scary for when the lights go out; we want to encourage your child’s dreams of adventure! Not nightmares of being sharkbait. Save that for the college dorm, as Handcrafted Nautical Decor is suited to outfitting any age.)

Ready? Anchors aweigh!

Theme is everything. What’s his passion? Who are his heroes? Jacques Cousteau? He’ll love to imagine one day diving into the coral reef, photographing the treasures of the ocean deep, but being on-time for dinner tonight, thanks to his diver’s helmet clock.
A Titanic Lifering or life ring
Speakin’ of treasure – any salty pup’ll worthy of flyin’ the flag’ll be wantin’ a mighty fine handcrafted model ship, like those once captained by his favorite pirates. Or, perhaps he’s been poking through that Robert Ballard book granddad gave him last Christmas. Every burgeoning naval historian needs a porthole mirror and ‘RMS Titanic’ life ring; to accent the corner where his lifeboat bookcase holds his ever-growing collection. And, of course, a ship’s wheel clock over the desk where he’ll be writing his own deep-sea memoirs.

New teenager? Acknowledge his foray into maturity with a “CAPTAIN” plaque on his bedroom door. There’ll be no question who’s boss beyond this point. All the better if there are “nosy siblings” on board. (Of course, you could provide the incentive to clean said room by interchanging it with the more appropriate “MESS” when applicable.)
Blue porpoise or dolphin replica
And what undersea theme is complete without fish? None! Finned friends are an essential feature of any nautical decor. And, oh, the selection you’ll find here. Marlins are marvelous. Tuna and trout – always terrific. Snappers and sailfish? Sensational. Flounders? So much fun. Of course, for a playful atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with dolphins and porpoises. (Just be prepared for his sister’s wanting one, so, you’d better get two.) Fish are supposed to be fun! So, mix, match, and dive right in with Handcrafted Nautical Decor!

Ah, but what if your boy’s more of a beachcomber, digging sandy shores to endless seas? Bring back the nostalgia of his last excursion with some jewel-tone nautical glass floats, and net decorating the walls. And don’t forget a pelican – like the one he’d seen catch that fish right before his eyes and led to his fascination with sea-life.
Metallic School of Fish Replica
Something more subtle? The elegance and versatility of stylized metallic wall decor ensures a lifetime of enjoyment, so don’t be surprised if you find it hanging in his first office – the perfect piece of his childhood to buoy him through uncharted waters as he joins the workforce. (Next to the shark from his dorm, of course. No need to guess where he got that killer business acumen!) The decorators here at Handcrafted Nautical Decor are fans of the colorful schools of fish. Not only does it brighten any room, but also promotes a sense of community; nobody swims through the oceans of life alone. Child psychologists recommend teaching kids safety in numbers early, leading to happier, more well-adjusted lives as adults.

Bet you didn’t know that environment was so important to a child’s development! It’s true; themed rooms give kids a better understanding of relationship, allowing them to more easily carve out their own place in the big, wide world. Celebrating their love of adventure and sense of wonder will keep that fertile imagination with them all throughout their lives. Young entrepreneurs, especially, need their gift to be nurtured by their right environment, so that, one day, when they’re ready to raise anchor, it’ll be smooth sailing – whatever the weather.

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