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Hand Crafted Nautical Decor for Father’s Day

While men aren’t huge into decorating, they still enjoy a nice-looking home or office. Why not help them add a touch of the high seas to their typically landlocked lives? This Father’s Day, Handcrafted Nautical Decor has just the thing.

A very real and pressing goal for most working American men is to be able to enjoy their retirement years. A more lofty, dreamier interpretation includes the accumulation of enough wealth to acquire a private island and sail their own yacht around the world. Consequently, the nautical theme has become the perfect choice to fuel such creative visualization, promoting a combined air of success, recreation and relaxation.

Picture of a life ringConsider something as simple as a life ring; it brings a sense of fun to any room, announcing this is not a place for serious activity. Add a few beach signs and chairs, some floats on a rope, and you’ve transformed an otherwise boring TV room or poker den into a cruise-themed leisure palace. Let’s face it – the attitude of leisure is often missing from “recreational” activities.

What’s another thing American men have in common? Stress. Before long, workplace stress lingers after-hours affecting the time that should be spent with family in leisure. Compounded with men’s naturally competitive nature, “leisure time” becomes anything but. The whimsical spirit of a nautical theme then acts as a subtle reminder: relax! This room is for kicking back and having fun!

HMS Victory PictureSeeking a fun way to spruce up the gaming room? Look no further than the styling of the captain’s cabin made popular during the Age of Sail. We all know from fiction and film that the captain’s quarters was a busy place – where he would dine with his compatriots, plan for tomorrow’s battle, and toast their victories. This simple makeover of a “man cave” can work wonders for poker-night, transforming the event into a gathering of trusted colleagues to strategize over a game of cards.

So how do we outfit your captain’s cabin? Well, you can never go wrong with a handcrafted model ship – but why stop there? Let’s add a porthole. A compass. A map. A sextant - and a lantern. Now we’re not just doing our taxes – we’re planning the Battle of Trafalgar! Want extra style points? Of course, you do. So, let’s add a ship’s wheel – and a telescope. Now your dad’s ready to bellow, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” even if he really means, “Damn the IRS. They’re robbing me blind!” One is infinitely more romantic.

Okay. What about dad’s office? It should exude success – a benchmark of the nautical theme. Why not a handcrafted model yacht? While an activity often reserved for the wealthy elite, the presence of a model yacht in an office setting is a subtle invitation to show your father’s suitability for even the finest sailing club. The key is subtlety, as handcrafted model boats are whimsical rather than arrogant or ostentatious, and perfectly invitational to your father’s own success.

picture of a 1921 Nautical Globe Another classic trapping of an office? A globe. In this case, let’s harken back to the days where whole areas of the world were still uncharted. Such a relic of the past can serve as a pleasant reminder of just how far human knowledge has advanced, while still providing a warning to never be too tied down to the current paradigm of understanding, as change is always just around the bend. Also, classic globes will never become dated when a country changes its borders.

Whether for his home or office, Dad will love the whimsical spirit of Handcrafted Nautical Decor this Father’s Day.

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