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August 7th, 2010
America's Cup Contender 26"

America's Cup Contender 26"

Choosing to decorate your house with nautical decor is a long, time honored tradition. People choose to add nautical decor to their home for a number of reasons. One reason is to create a seafaring atmosphere for the room where they have their model ship collection. While other non-model ship collectors still find the home enhancing qualities of nautical decor to create a tranquil environment. You will be able to find authentic replicas of famous model ships and nautical products here at handcraftedmodelships.com. As well as be able to find that each nautical decor item is high in quality each and every item you purchase.


Nautical decor has been around for ages, and has transcended many cultures in its process. The art of model ship building and collecting stems back as far back as when ships themselves were created. In the beginning, model ship collecting was a hobby for people of money, as they were not as easily and readily available as they are today. Each model was built one at a time by master craftsmen who worked for hours on end on individual models. This old world approach is used by Handcrafted Model Ship’s handicraftsmen to give you the best product you can find.


The importance of model ship collecting is still seen today by the millions of people around the globe who create, buy, and sell model ships with one another. There are many other nautical decor products available to, such as the sextant. The sextant is an age old device used by navigators to locate Polaris and sail in the right direction. The sextant lived on through many different variations and improvements, but is now being outdone by the GPS system. Still, sextants remain and important piece of nautical history, and are great nautical decor items for any model ship enthusiast to have.

Authentic Replicas

Here at Handcrafted Model Ships, you will be able to locate the most authentic replicas of model ships and nautical decor. Each nautical decor item is created through many hours of hard work and fine tuning. This amount of dedication yields the most authentic product we are capable of delivering. Finding an authentic replica on the internet can be tough, but Handcrafted Model Ships will provide you with authentic replicas time and time again. Furthermore, even though our models are authentic, they are inexpensive and can be bought on any type of budget.


Handcrafted Model Ships makes quality its number one priority. This is because each item for sale in our nautical decor section is crafted from the best quality materials we can find. For instance, products made from wood use Shisham, a high quality rare wood similar to teak. However, even though our products are of a more superb quality than other online retailers, we are careful to give you, the customer, the fairest pricing we possibly can. At Handcrafted Model Ships, you will be able to find quality nautical decor items below standard retail prices.

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