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August 9th, 2010
Copper Divers Helmet 9"

Copper Divers Helmet 9"

Deciding to go with nautical decorations to adorn your house is easy at handcraftemodelships.com. Here you will be able to find many different kinds of nautical decorations that range from model ships to bosun whistles. Nautical decorating is a time honored tradition that has spanned the world for centuries. In many cultures, especially those which were located near port, many people collected model ships and nautical decorations to enhance the look of their homes. One such reason for doing so is to create a seafaring atmosphere that would reflect upon their model ship collection. Still, non-model ship enthusiasts choose to employ the help of nautical decorations to add a bit of calm to their living situation. Nautical decorations such as sea shells, and other coastal decor are especially useful to this end. Here at Handcrafted Model Ships, you will be able to locate authentic replicas of notorious and culturally significant model ships, as well as nautical products here at Handcrafted Model Ships. Furthermore, you will be able to rest easy knowing that each nautical decor item is high in quality while remaining lower than the standard retail prices.


Nautical decoration and model ships have been around for many centuries, spanning cultures all around the world. The art of model ship building and collecting dates to the beginning of when ships themselves were invented. While model ship collecting started off as a hobby that only the well-off could afford, the times have changed and enabled people of any status to become collectors. This is due to the change in production that occurred with the Industrial Revolution. While manufacturers are now able to create many more model ships at cheaper prices, Handcrafted Model Ships still values the days when fine craftsmanship was a necessity.


The importance of model ship collecting lies with the millions of people around the world who still participate in the hobby. Aside from model ships, there are other great nautical decorations such as the bosun whistle. The bosun whistle, also known as the boatswain pipe, was historically used by the Greeks and Romans to coordinate the stokes of their slaves. Then during the Crusades it was used to form crossbowmen for attack. Due to its significance with maritime affairs, the use of the bosun whistle became commonplace with officers in the British and American navies.

Authentic Replicas

Handcrafted Model Ships is your one stop shop for finding the most authentic nautical decorations on the internet. Each nautical decor item is created through many hours of hard work and fine tuning to create the most authentic replica possible. While we pride ourselves on our authenticity and quality, our nautical decorations and models are available for less than retail pricing.


Handcrafted Model Ships chooses to make authenticity and quality its main objective. For this reason, all of our nautical decorations are made from the finest materials that we can use. To enumerate, our wood nautical decorations are built with Shisham, which is a high quality rare wood not unlike teak. At Handcrafted Model Ships, you can be assured that every nautical decoration you find will be above the typical quality other online retailers offer.

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