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August 11th, 2010
Diving helmet key chain

Diving helmet key chain

Nautical keychains are among the many different kinds of nautical decor items available at handcraftedmodelships.com. The history behind the nautical keychain is heavily intertwined with the nautical culture. Today, the nautical keychain’s historical significance and modern importance are different, but nautical keychains are valued nonetheless. Handcrafted Model Ships offers authentic replicas of nautical keychains for you to purchase at low prices. Each nautical keychain for sale is made from solid brass and is available below the standard retail prices. With a deal this great, passing up on our nautical keychains will be doing a major disservice to yourself!


The nautical keychains offered at Handcrafted Model Ships come in the form of several varying designs. Designs such as the Bosun Whistle key chain are particularly significant in nautical history. The bosun whistle is among the oldest nautical inventions, and was first used by the Greeks and Romans as tools to keep their slaves in sync with their strokes. It was also used during the Crusades as a call to attack for the crossbowmen. Furthermore, the use of the bosun whistle became a mainstay with officers in the British and American navies.


The significance of the bosun whistle today is that of tradition. Many people still play the bosun whistle, also known as a boatswain pipe. In the modern age, Captains still employ the shrill sound of the bosun whistle as a call to formation. The nautical keychains offered at Handcrafted Model Ships also serve as great decorative items for the nautical enthusiast. With a nautical keychain, you will be able to show your interest in maritime history to all those around you, and be able to keep a piece of your nautical collection with you wherever you go.

Authentic Replicas

The bosun whistle nautical keychains at Handcrafted Model Ships are excellent replicas of a pipe steeped in naval tradition. Far from just an authentic replica, these bosun whistle keychains actually do work. When you blow into the whistle, you will be able to produce the same shrill sound you would expect out of a real boatswain pipe. Other practical nautical keychain authentic replicas include the telescope keychain, and the compass keychain.


The quality of our nautical keychains is the first priority of Handcrafted Model Ships. In addition to the bosun whistle nautical keychains, you can find quality replicas in nautical keychain format such as: yacht keychains, dolphin keychains, cannon keychains, pulley keychains, propeller keychains, anchor keychains, anchor with rod keychains, folding anchor keychains, and bell keychains. Each one of these nautical decor items is crafted from the finest quality materials, and is available for low prices.

These nautical decor items are just a few of the items offered at handcraftedmodelships.com. You will be able to find a way range of diverse nautical decor products, each with unsurpassed quality and authenticity. Furthermore, all of our nautical keychains are affordable, and lower than the standard retail prices for items of such quality.

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