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August 13th, 2010
Oil lamp key chain

Oil lamp key chain

Nautical keyrings are among the many several different types of decor items found at handcraftedmodelships.com. The many designs of our nautical keyring have a rich history that model ship enthusiasts will love. Handcrafted Model Ships sells authentic replicas of nautical keyrings for purchase at low prices. Our nautical keyrings are made from the finest quality materials, such as solid polished brass, and are available for sale below the standard retail price.


The nautical keyrings sold at Handcrafted Model Ships are created with many different designs. One of our forthcoming keyrings is the Bosun Whistle key chain. This nautical keyring is an old nautical tool employed first by the Greeks and Romans to keep their slaves in sync while paddling their ships. Other keyring designs include: yacht keyrings, dolphin keyrings, cannon keyrings, pulley keyrings, propeller keyrings, anchor keyrings, anchor with rod keyrings, folding anchor keyrings, and bell keyrings.


Nautical keyrings are great for everyday use, and will showcase your love for nautical culture every time you leave the house. Many of our nautical keyrings are steeped in history, like the bosun whistle, and make great cultural items for young and old people alike. These nautical decor items are great for introducing other people in your life to the nautical culture, as well as learning a bit of history yourself.

Authentic Replicas

Our keyrings are created to be as authentic in design as possible. We aim to create a product that is both practical and beautiful. For instance, the bosun whistle nautical keyrings at Handcrafted Model Ships are not just replicas of the real deal, but are fully functional. A sharp blow into the whistle will yield the same shrill sound of an authentic boatswain pipe. Handcrafted Model Ships also offers other nautical keyrings that are both practical in application and great decor items. Such items include our telescope keyrings, our hourglass keyrings, and our compass keyrings.


Handcrafted Model Ships makes it their priority to put quality before quantity. Therefore, each item that you will find in our nautical store is handcrafted, and created to last. Our master artisans use their years of experience to create the finest product you will be able to find on the web. Though our nautical decorations such as our keyrings are made with quality in mind, we also make sure to give our customers the ability to afford them. Therefore, Handcrafted Model Ships is where you will always be able to find quality nautical keyrings far below the standard retail prices.

These nautical decor items are just a few of the different kinds of items you can find at Handcrafted Model Ships. Anything nautical that you are looking for, you will most likely be able to find here. This is due to our wide range of diverse authentic and quality nautical decor products. Furthermore, all of our nautical keychains are affordable, and lower than the standard retail prices for items of such quality.

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