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August 15th, 2010
Brass Porthole Clock 11"

Brass Porthole Clock 11"

Handcraftedmodelships.com offers the latest and best in nautical items. Here you will find items such as replicas of historically significant ships, and nautical decor items such as wall clocks. Handcrafted Model Ships recognizes the importance of wall decor to the nautical enthusiast’s model ship collection, and offers a great selection of nautical wall clocks for this reason. There are an over abundance of wall decor items available here that are authentically made with quality in mind. The many types of nautical wall clocks include the porthole nautical wall clock and the ship wheel wall clock. We also sell standard wall clocks, each of which is below the standard retail pricing that you have come to expect.


Nautical wall clocks have been around for ages. Decorating ones home in nautical decor is a tradition that stems as far back as the beginning of model ship building. Nautical decorating is mostly seen in towns closest to port, but many other people around the globe choose to adorn their house with decorations such as nautical wall clocks.


The significance of nautical wall clocks is in the design. Handcrafted Model Ships offers nautical wall clocks with nautical designs such as the ship wheel. The ship wheel is an important part of navigational history that is one of the first things to come to mind when thinking of nautical decor. Further, our porthole nautical wall clocks are great additions to model ship rooms to add a sense of seafaring atmosphere. These items bring a certain quality into any room they are hung in.

Authentic Replicas

Handcrafted Model Ships offers the best authentic replicas of nautical wall clocks anywhere on the internet. Our nautical wall clocks are carefully crafted by hand to closely resemble actual workings within real life ships. The authenticity of our nautical wall clocks can be seen in our brass porthole clocks. These clocks are manufactured to appear as close in appearance as possible to an actual porthole. For instance, they even open up just as a porthole would!


Handcrafted Model Ships is the best in quality when it comes to nautical wall clocks. This is because each item for sale in our wall decor section is crafted carefully from hand by master artisans, and uses only the finest materials in its production. For example, our brass porthole clocks are polished to a mirror like shine to make it as luxurious as possible. Furthermore, our ship wheel nautical wall clocks are made from real Shisham hardwood. This hardwood is a quick warming wood that enables a greater sustaining of quality over the long term. While our products are made by master handicraftsmen with quality materials, we are always mindful of pricing our nautical wall clocks below the standard retail pricing. Therefore, if you are looking to find quality nautical wall clocks for affordable prices, then look no further than Handcrafted Model Ships.

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