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August 17th, 2010
Brass Ships Bell 7"

Brass Ships Bell 7"

If you are looking for ship bells then you have come to the right place. Handcraftedmodelships.com is a premium provider of all things nautical, including ship bells. We at Handcrafted Model Ships recognize the history and significance of ship’s bells, and take that into account with every single one that we produce. Ships bells are typically brass made, with an engraving of the ship’s name on it. The cook aboard the ship would usually be tasked with maintaining the shine of the ships bell. The striking of the ship’s bell is indicative of the time, and is used to keep the sailors aboard on time for duties. A ship’s bell uses a system of eight bells, each bell signifying half-hour intervals on a sailor’s four hour watch. At every half-hour, the ship’s bell is struck in a series of pairs to make counting easier. At Handcrafted Model Ships, you will be able to find authentic examples of ships bells that are quality made, and available for lower than retail prices.

History and Importance

Ship bells are steeped in naval tradition and have many uses. For one, the ship’s bell is commonly used to baptize children. Following the baptism, the children would have their names engraved on the bell. The importance of the ship’s bell is still seen today. Whenever a ship is past its prime and broken up, the ship’s bell becomes a keepsake. Furthermore, the ship’s bell is used as a tool for identification if a ship is wrecked at sea.

Authentic Replicas

Handcrafted Model Ships makes it a priority to craft the finest authentic replicas of ship bells possible. Our ship bells are made to be shining examples of real life ship’s bells. These items make great accessories for nautically themed rooms. Each nautical decor item is manufactured to be as authentic as possible. For this reason, Handcrafted Model Ships makes ship bells with solid polished brass for an exuberant finish. You will be hard pressed to find an authentic replica anywhere else. Further, our ship bells are modestly priced, and and won’t set you back as much an amount as other model ship retailers.


Handcrafted Model Ships makes beautiful ship bells of high quality solid brass. The result is a heavy, real feeling replica. Each handle is a polished hardwood that gives a luxurious look to the ship bell. For this reason, Handcrafted Model Ships is the leader in quality when it comes to producing fine ship bells. Each ship bell we produce is crafted carefully from hand my master artisans with years of experience. However, even though our products are higher quality than other online retailers, we are always very mindful to giving you the fairest pricing available. There are not many other places where you will be able to get a quality, authentic product at such low prices!

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