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Decorating your Nautical Room

July 27th, 2010
1129 nautical brass porthole mirror 9inch 0 Decorating your Nautical Room

Nautical Decor

As a model ship collector that took your time and money to purchase the finest quality model ships available, you want your investments to be proudly displayed in a room just as enchanting as your models. It is for this reason that there are many ways to create a captivating nautical themed room. At you have access to such decor items as: compasses, diving helmets, nautical clocks, sextants, ship bells, ship wheels, spy glasses, telescopes, and more! These decor items will give your display room the authenticity that it craves. Visitors to your nautical room will be astounded by the level of dedication you have poured into your hobby, and most importantly, you will be able to revel in your delightful model ship collection in a room worthy enough to house them.

Nautical Decor

A great way to get started decorating your nautical room is to purchase a decorative brass plaque. These plaques come in six variations, and can be hung anywhere you choose. For instance, the plaque that reads “Crews Quarters” makes a great door sign that informs your guests that they are about to step into a true nautical room. For the same reason the sign that reads “Skipper” could also be used. If you want to keep your models away from the harmful effects of smoking, or just want to be ironic, then the “No Smoking” plaque will fall right into place. There are many others such as “Captain”, “Head”, and “Poop Deck” that can be used to decorate your room as well.

The Brass Porthole Hampton Nautical Mirrors are great ways to add authenticity to your room. These mirrors can be slung over your models to give the illusion that you are truly aboard a sea going vessel. Or they can be strategically placed to mirror the images of your models. Either way, they make excellent nautical additions that will compliment your model collection.

Ship Wheel Clocks are fantastic additions that go well with decorating nautical rooms. They are made out of the finest woods available, and can be bought in various sizes. Having a ship wheel in your nautical room is nearly mandatory, as it cements your dedication to the hobby and craft.

Spy Glasses are great decor items that can be kept on your desk. These little items are luxuriously designed with either leather, wood grain, or brass grips. Add a touch of class to your work bench with these decor items.

If you simply just have your model ship collection off to the side or corner of your basement then that will not do. A real model ship enthusiast will want to play up their model ship hobby and compliment it the best they can. The aforementioned items are great starter items to begin decorating your nautical room with. Visit the decor items section of to view all of the decor items available to you!

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