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Types Of Nautical Clocks

October 1st, 2010

Double Dial Wheel Clock

If you are searching for a nice nautical wall clock to grace that empty space above your nautical collection then you have a lot of searching to do. There are several different types of nautical wall clocks that you can find to fit the bill. In order to choose the one right for you, you will have to know what kinds exist before hastily jumping into a buy.

There are both wall clocks and desk clocks. Depending on your preference and where you plan to put your clock, the style will make all of the difference in the world. Wall clocks are the typically choice, as they are more traditionally used. However, a desk clock can add a touch of style to your work desk that is sure not to be held by anyone else in your office. Both types of nautical clocks have quality builds to them, so it is up to personal preference when deciding which clock to go with.

There are many wall clocks of a low price such as a wood wall clock. This clock is made from genuine brass and is set upon a solid base comprised of rosewood. The faceplate is adorned with roman numerals that add elegance to its already exquisite style. A hinge is located in the back for ease of hanging, as well as a nameplate that is engraved with “Hampton Nautical”.

The Hampton Nautical table top clock is a great choice for those looking for a clock to set on their desk either at home, school or at work. It is comprised from solid brass making it very heavy, giving use to it for holding papers in place. Just like the clock before it, its faceplate is comprised of roman numerals, and the inside features the inscription “Railway Regulator”. Furthermore, a train emblem solidifies this table top clock as a great item for train enthusiasts.

If you are looking for a clock that satisfies your nautical thirst, then the ship wheel clock is a must buy. This particular clock is made from solid shisham hardwood and makes a wonderful addition to your home and/or office. Due to its composition from the quality shisham hardwood, the ship wheel clock is tough to wear down as it serves as excellent protection to the roughest of conditions. The center of the ship wheel is comprised of solid brass with a fully functioning clock as you would expect.

A true novelty item with functionality is the desktop clock with compass. This compass clock is composed of pure brass, as is the compass displayed at the bottom. Featured on this clock are the words “Superior Ship Timekeeper”, with the emblem of a traditional tall ship. This is a great desk clock for the nautical enthusiast interested in navigation of the old days. The compass is actually functional as well, making this item a must have for anyone serious about nautical navigating.

These are just a few of the different types of nautical clocks that you can find. There are many more that will certainly liken to your taste. Now that you know what to expect, you can go off and find a clock that fits your particular style.

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