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Types Of Nautical Keychains

September 29th, 2010

Nautical Key Ring

The tradition of collecting nautical items has been around for ages. There are many different kinds of nautical items that one can purchase in today’s market. For instance, the nautical key chain has become a nautical item that many people choose to seek out due to their low cost and their practicability.

There are several different types of nautical key chains that buyers can purchase. These different types of key chains can come in many different forms, such as brass, plastic, and even chrome. The length of the chain can also vary from short to long, depending on how you want it. Furthermore, you could even have your nautical key chain personalized to add extra sentimental value to your item. This article will examine a few different kinds of nautical key chains that can be found at nautical shops on and offline.

The kinds of nautical key chains are relatively inexpensive, usually ranging from about three to five dollars at the most. Nautical key chains make great stocking stuffers and other gifts for people in the work place and at home.

Depending on the type of nautical fan that you are, you will find several different kinds of nautical key chains that reflect your interest. For those that are lovers of yachts, there are key chains that are in the form of yachts.

Sea life nautical lovers will take interest in key chains such as the dolphin key chain. As the name suggests, this key chain features a dolphin on as the symbol, and usually comes in brass.

Other types of nautical key chains such as the pulley and anchor key chains are great for those with a general interest in maritime affairs. These key chains are excellent additions to the collection of established nautical collectors that can be taken anywhere in order to show their nautical enthusiasm.

More practical nautical key rings include the compass key chain, hour glass key chain, and bosun whistle key chain. The compass key chain is an amazing nautical item that features a compass design with all of the bells and whistles of the real deal. This key chain is perfect for the nautical navigating type. The hour glass key chain is a real working hourglass with white sand inside of it. This allows this key chain type to be used as a timer for small notations in time. This is a very useful key chain when running drills that require precise timing. The bosun whistle is an ancient instrument of nautical culture, and with the bosun key chain you can have a piece of nautical history with you wherever you go. This key chain is a functioning whistle that is great for using in situations of crowd control or to get the attention of your stubborn teenage son who keeps his head phones on all of the time!

These are just a few of the types of nautical key chains that you can find. There are many more types of nautical key chains available as well as the ones mentioned.

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