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Types Of Portholes

September 24th, 2010

Brass Porthole Mirror

The porthole is a significant part of a ship’s design. The porthole, also known as the side scuttle, is used to bring light and air into the lower parts of a ship’s deck. The porthole is secured water tight so as not to jeopardize the well being of the ship’s hull. The porthole also commonly features a storm cover that can cease light from entering and exiting the ship. This is sometimes necessary in situations where a ship must make a stealthy approach. Furthermore, this also helps to shield any goods below quarters that could be affected by direct light. The porthole is a staple of the nautical culture, and many nautical enthusiasts have different types of portholes for decoration throughout their home. There are several different nautical decor types of portholes to this end.

For starters, there are porthole clocks that can be made out of solid brass for authentic looks. These porthole clocks are great for adding to the atmosphere of a nautical themed room or sea food restaurant. The solid brass finish is polished to a mirror like shine that must be kept up with to produce the same quality time and time again. However, the outcome is far worth it. These types of porthole items typically have hinges that allow the glass portion to open just like a real porthole. This reveals the clock which is adorned by roman numerals in fifteen minute intervals. There are also many other types of portholes that are just like this.

The porthole mirror is a great addition to a nautical room, especially for those seeking the look of a real live ship’s hull. This is because the mirror gives the illusion of being a real window. You will be able to find many porthole mirrors that range from colors like brown, green, red, and many more.

One of the more authentic porthole replicas is the nine inch porthole mirror. Loosening the lower wing nuts allows for the porthole to open up just as a real porthole would. It is made from polished brass and is even lacquered. This gives this particular porthole mirror a level of elegance few porthole mirrors can achieve. The quality is so high you would be hard pressed to tell it from the real deal. Its three pre-drilled holes allow for ease of wall placement, and it comes with three screws that hold the mirror in place. With hardly any effort at all, you could easily swap out the three screws to remove the mirror and replace it with regular glass to look even more like a porthole.

The porthole is a wonderful addition to the sides of a ship, and with these different types of porthole nautical items, they are even excellent additions to a nautical themed room. There are many different types of porthole items, some of which are inexpensive, while others of more quality like the aforementioned come at a higher cost.

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