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Wooden Ship Wheels

August 23rd, 2010
Ship Wheel Clock 24"

Ship Wheel Clock 24"

You can satisfy all your wooden ship wheel needs at handcraftedmodelships.com with our beautifully handcrafted authentic wooden ship wheel replicas! Wooden ship wheels symbolize the important history of nautical navigation, and are a mainstay in nautical culture. The importance of the wooden ship wheel remains just as vital as it did since its invention. Our wooden ship wheels are authenticat replicas made from the finest quality woods, such as Shisham. While the quality of our wooden ship wheels is very high, the prices are not. Wooden ship wheels can be afforded on any budget, and will be welcome additions to your nautical decor room.


The ship wheel dates back to the beginning of when man learned to navigate the open seas. It is a crucial invention that, quite literally, steered the advancement of the nautical culture, and the world as well. The importance of the ship wheel is the reason why it is a popular nautical decor item.


The importance of the ship wheel is in the power that it belies. When behind the helm of a ship, you feel the power of the ocean surging through the ship wheel. Those who have felt this know how intoxicating it can be to have the entire ocean as their personal playground. Ship wheels are a critical part of navigating the open seas, as well as an important aspect of symbolizing the nautical culture. Wooden ship wheels are a a symbol of the nautical enthusiast culture. There are many different kinds of designs for wooden ship wheels. One such interpretation of the ship wheel is the wooden ship wheel clock. These make excellent wall decor items in any one’s nautically themed room. Furthermore, wooden ship wheels signify a model ship collector’s love for the seafaring culture.

Authentic Replicas

Here at Handcrafted Model Ships, customers will be delighted to find the best authentic replicas on the market. Each nautical decor item is crafted to be as close in resemblance to the real thing as possible. This is due to our fine craftsmanship that we employ to give you, the customer, the satisfaction you demand from your wooden ship wheels. Finding an authentic replica on other model ship sites is next to impossible, and will set you back a far greater amount than the identical replicas sold here.


Our wooden ship wheels are always quality made, and you should expect no less from your nautical decor provider. For instance, the Hampton Nautical sixty inch Wooden Ship’s Wheel is composed of Shisham, a rare and high quality wood. This wooden ship’s wheel measures sixty inches in length, sixty inches in width, and three inches in height. It features eight spokes that are assembled together with plugged screw heads. In the center of its brass hub lies a one inch in diameter hole. In total, the ship’s wheel weighs twelve pounds. This gives the wheel a very authentic feel.

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